What is a flocking jewelry box?

The flocking box adopts a flocking machine to realize the automatic completion of gluing, flocking, drying, and flocking removal of the blister box at one time. For a long time, flocking jewelry packaging boxes also occupy a large part of the jewelry packaging industry products. Proportion. DeQi Jewelry Packaging will analyze with you what are the advantages of flocking jewelry packaging boxes in jewelry packaging?

What is a flocking jewelry box?

The manufacturing cost of general flocking jewelry packaging box is lower than that of plastic box filled with leather paper and Pu leather. , Due to the use of assembly line production, the manual cost is greatly reduced. The price is lower than that of wooden box, plastic box and flannel box, but higher than that of carton box.

What is a flocking jewelry box?1

The flocked jewelry packaging box looks relatively simple and beautiful in appearance. Because of the use of flocking, there is no interface on the surface, and the contact gap of the box is relatively small.

Flocked jewelry packaging box is a commonly used box in the jewelry industry. Because it does not need to pack the exterior by hand, the limitations are much smaller than that of plastic boxes, so it is also the most in jewelry packaging boxes in terms of shape, and many styles such as roses and hearts cannot be used. Other boxes can be made, as well as various cartoon-shaped decorative boxes for jewelry packaging and children’s product packaging, which are very creative.