What are the advantages of the development trend of velvet pouch?

There are many kinds of packaging bags in daily life, such as packaging bags, canvas bags, burlap bags, velvet pouch wholesale, and customized drawstring bags. The type of velvet pouch I want to talk about are generally used for necklaces and bracelets. The small objects can also be regarded as a more common kind of cloth bag. As a new type of green environmental protection product, the velvet pouch has a beautiful appearance and can be reused many times. Let me tell you about the advantages of the development trend of velvet pouch.

What are the advantages of the development trend of velvet pouch?
  1. The economic development effect of velvet pouch

From the announcement of the ban on plastics, the packaging bag will gradually withdraw from the packaging and sales market of objects, and it will be replaced by high-grade velvet pouch that can be used continuously. The velvet pouch is much easier to package the printed pattern design than the packaging bag, and the color expression is more unique. In addition, it can be used continuously, and it is possible to consider adding a more beautiful pattern design and advertising to the velvet pouch than the packaging bag, because the wear rate of continuous use is lower than that of the packaging bag, resulting in the velvet pouch being more economical and cost-effective, and Produces more obvious advertising economic benefits.

  1. Advertising effect of velvet pouch

A beautiful velvet pouch is more than just a product packaging bag. Its beautiful appearance is even more addictive, and it can be turned into a fashionable simple backpack and a beautiful scene on the street. Coupled with its solid, moisture-proof and non-stick characteristics, it will eventually become a choice for consumers to go out. On such a high-grade velvet pouch you can print your company’s logo or advertising, and the advertising effect it produces is obvious. Now, it really turns a small investment into a big return.