The role of jewelry box

Many consumers have lost their jewelry on the sink or accidentally fell on the ground because of washing their hands. But such a small accident is completely avoidable. When you buy jewelry, jewelry stores will give you a small jewelry box, put the jewelry in it, and it will look beautiful. However, after many people take out the jewelry, the jewelry box is left idle in the drawer at home. In fact, this small jewelry box has its own magical effect.

The role of jewelry box

The jewelry box is small

The jewelry box is small in size and does not take up space, so you can carry it with you. When you go out to wash your hands, you can take off the ring and put it in the jewelry box. Developing this habit can greatly reduce the chance of jewelry being lost.

The main function of the jewelry box

The main function of the jewelry box is to protect the jewelry, followed by beautifying the jewelry and conveying information. Product packaging has an important position and role in modern marketing activities. At present, the market has the trend of “diversification of customer needs, international competition for domestication, and “product homogeneity”. Since the development and design of products and packaging are oriented by market and consumer needs, designers must intervene in the market. , Incorporate packaging design into the background of marketing, and continuously enhance marketing awareness in all aspects of packaging design, in order to design excellent packaging that meets the needs of the market and target consumers. Product packaging, marketing, consumer demand we It is necessary to create a new “selling point” for the “package” of the product, and the unique form can strengthen the selling point of the product and attract the attention of customers. The same product with different forms will also give customers a different feeling of quality, so as to promote consumers’ desire to buy