The important role of jewelry packaging in sales

Packaging refers to the container of the product or the outer shell and wrapping and other protective materials, and is an important aspect of product management. A piece of exquisite jewelry packaging can give customers an eye-catching effect, leaving customers with the impression of the product, thereby increasing its sales. So how does jewelry packaging play an important role in sales?

The role of packaging:

⊙Protection of goods: the most basic functions of packaging, such as jewelry boxes, bags, etc.

⊙Promoting sales: As rational consumption becomes more and more popular among people, it is no longer possible to “return pearls with caskets”, but exquisite packaging will make it easier to win the attention and trust of customers

⊙Increase profit: Exquisite packaging will raise the price of the product, and there will be more profit margins

⊙Advertising: The printed matter on the packaging invisibly promotes the company and products

The important role of jewelry packaging in sales

Packaging Requirements:

⊙The packaging should be commensurate with the value of the commodity, neither “gold and jade, but ruin”

⊙The shape of the packaging should be beautiful and generous

⊙The packaging should be able to show the characteristics or style of the product,

⊙The packaging design should take into account the use, storage, carrying, etc.

⊙The packaging should be aimed at the psychology of customers and highlight the key points

Jewelry packaging: As a high-end consumer product, jewelry is often gifted or collected, so the role of packaging is more important.

The basic requirements for jewelry packaging are to show the nobility, elegance and artistry of the products, and there are more detailed requirements:

The important role of jewelry packaging in sales1

The packaging must be distinctive: for example, the box is also a diamond ring. Some companies have unique designs. The jewelry box is designed to represent the company’s mascot, which is not only beautiful and diverse, but also highlights the company’s image. Selling these jewelry boxes together with jewelry is even better. Highlight product features.

The choice of packaging materials should be exquisite, and the workmanship should be fine: as a jewelry packaging box, it should be soft, durable, and firm. Paper, cloth, and plastic are the packaging materials selected by many manufacturers. Different grades of gemstones can be made of different materials as packaging boxes. The style of the box should be matched with the style of the jewelry bag, and the workmanship should be fine.

The style of packaging must be changed: people’s consumption concept is constantly changing, and the packaging cannot be static, it must meet the changes in consumer demand.

It’s best for packaging to be multi-purpose: a beautifully designed package that, in addition to being used as product packaging, can also be used for window decoration or display, or even for other purposes.

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The important role of jewelry packaging in sales2