The basic process of jewelry box design

Jewelry box design needs to consider the market, brand, product and other elements, using a comprehensive design approach to protect the jewelry product and the product’s brand to promote, the following is the basic process of jewelry box design.

The first step is to investigate and locate. Different customers will have different preferences for the color and shape of the packaging because of their age, gender, cultural and artistic habits, etc. Different accessories also have different characteristics. Therefore, in the early stage of design, investigation must be done, and then accurate positioning of brands, products, and customers can be carried out according to the information content.

The basic process of jewelry box design

The second step is to carry out the design of jewelry packaging boxes closely around precise positioning. If you want to do well in packaging design of jewelry products, you must have a clear design concept. From the whole to the part, from the type to the production and processing methods, it needs to be carried out in detail. Design Concept.

The basic process of jewelry box design1

The third step, after having the design concept, you can select the raw materials of the packaging comprehensively. At present, the raw materials that can be used for packaging include wood, fabric, paper, and metal materials and other natural characteristic raw materials, while generative raw materials include vulcanized rubber materials, generated chemical fibers and their plastics.

The fourth step is to carry out the design plan of the shape design and its structure. The design of this jewelry packaging box must fully consider the specifications, shape, placement, structure and other elements of the packaging, which is the most basic design plan work.

The fifth step is to carry out the visual design scheme of the jewelry packaging box design, generally through the elements such as text, graphics, color, etc., to bring customers a visual experience of visual effects, and to convey the product information and the culture and art of well-known brands.