Talking about the Appearance Design of Jewelry Packaging

The appearance of jewelry packaging:

The appearance of jewelry packaging is the concept of a brand and its influence on consumers, and it is also a method to realize the value of goods and use value. Jewelry packaging materials and appearance are complementary and interdependent, and the choice of packaging materials will have varying degrees of influence on the design of the appearance and the image of the product.

Talking about the Appearance Design of Jewelry Packaging

Jewelry Packaging Appearance:

Square Packaging Design As the most common design, the square packaging has a compact structure and is resistant to compression, uses less materials, and has a large internal space. At the same time, because it is subjected to vertical force, it is also relatively stable and has a better protection effect on the goods. At the same time, because the square design is surrounded by faces, the thick design has a sense of sturdiness and solidity; the thin design gives people a sense of lightness, and will give customers a feeling of upright, solemn and sublime.

Talking about the Appearance Design of Jewelry Packaging1

Jewelry Packaging Appearance–Circular Packaging Design The circular packaging design has better resistance to deformation, can obtain the largest effective area, save packaging materials, and can be varied in appearance design, and multi-directional viewing is not affected. The circular design implies a natural and rounded sense of harmony, which brings customers a beautiful visual experience and is convenient for customers to carry.

Talking about the Appearance Design of Jewelry Packaging2

The appearance design of jewelry packaging is a design made by combining the shape, pattern and color of the product, and it is also a part of the product itself. Consumers can attract their attention through the appearance, pattern, and color of jewelry packaging, thereby arousing consumers’ desire to purchase products. Jewelry packaging is becoming more and more important as a means of publicity, and the time the customer’s eyes stay often determines your sales. Jinran jewelry packaging uses the most professional design and unlimited design creativity to create all kinds of middle and high-end jewelry counter props, window props and various jewelry boxes and jewelry related products for you. Our business philosophy is “customer-oriented, sincerity-oriented”. We have professional service strength, abundant creative energy, smart communication vitality, and sincere modern service awareness. We are striving for a common career goal: to create the most perfect high-quality visual image for your enterprise, and to further expand the potential value of brand culture.