Mastery of Jewelry Box Design Skills

of containment for merchants or manufacturers. Naturally, it also affects the economic benefits of businesses or manufacturers. This is mainly because the basic quality and design level of jewelry box designers cannot improve, which leads to the inability to improve the taste of jewelry box design. The taste of jewelry box design is mainly the mastery of jewelry box design skills. If the skills are mastered, there will be no problem of whether the taste can be improved or not.

Mastery of Jewelry Box Design Skills

So, what aspects should we start with to master the skills of jewelry box design? There are three main points here: one is the grasp of color skills; the other is the grasp of composition skills; the third is the grasp of cultural connotation.

Color skills should pay attention to the following points: one is the corresponding relationship between color and jewelry box packaging; the other is the contrast between color and color itself. These two points are the key points in the use of color.

Mastery of Jewelry Box Design Skills1

So, where should we talk about the relationship between color and packaging? Mainly through the external jewelry box color can reveal or reflect the internal packaging items. So that people can basically perceive or associate what the inner packaging is when they look at the outer jewelry box. Regarding this problem, the editor has mentioned it many times in past articles, but if we can walk into the jewelry counter of the store and take a look, many products do not reflect this kind of caring relationship. Make it impossible for consumers to think about what the jewelry box items are from the outside to the inside. Of course, it cannot play a positive promotional role in product sales. The color of a normal external jewelry box should grasp the same characteristics to varying degrees;

Jewelry boxes should also have a certain standard in the selection of materials. If the materials are not selected well, a batch of goods may have to be redone. Ordinary jewelry boxes mainly use some paper materials or some leather materials. Considering the cost, the design of the jewelry box should not only pay attention to the material, but also control the function and cost to a certain extent.