Manufacturing process of wooden jewelry box

The manufacturing process of wooden jewelry boxes is different from other wooden packaging boxes, mainly because of the different packaging items. A wooden jewelry box can hold dozens of different types of jewelry, but a wooden wine box can only hold one or two bottles of wine, and it must be the same wine, so wooden jewelry boxes need to invest in design and production more energy.

Manufacturing process of wooden jewelry box

Wooden jewelry boxes have an older, simpler look. With the processing of engraving and decoration, it looks more expensive, so the purchase rate of goods is increased. The material of the wooden jewelry box is heavier and more solemn than other materials, and it will not give people a frivolous feeling. Wooden jewelry boxes can greatly increase the added value of goods. Relatively speaking, it plays little role in jewelry. Antiseptic. However, it can give people a sense of high-quality appearance and reflect the added value of goods. This is especially important for precious jewelry. For example, a good horse needs a good saddle and high-quality packing. In order to meet these objective and subjective needs, the design and production process will not be too simple.

Manufacturing process of wooden jewelry box1

Clarify the main purpose of making a wooden jewelry box, and formulate a jewelry box design plan according to the purpose. Do you want to reflect its function whether to hold small accessories such as rings, earrings and gemstones, or to pack bracelets, necklaces or tiaras, because jewelry boxes must be made in different communities to accommodate different jewelry, clear the main purpose, and give full play to the jewelry box storage function.

Manufacturing process of wooden jewelry box2

After the wooden jewelry box model has been painted, it is necessary to choose the material. Depending on the price, the woods that can be used to make wooden jewelry boxes include oak, mahogany, walnut, pear wood, fiberboard, and more. The more expensive the wood, the more expensive the wooden pearl box will be to produce. The woodworking process for a high-quality wooden jewelry box doesn’t need to be simple. It must go through more than ten processes such as moisture content measurement, cutting, material selection, angle cutting, material cutting, assembly, roof sealing, sanding edge, wood content, sanding and quality inspection. The painting process of the wooden jewelry box directly affects the appearance of the entire jewelry box, so the painting process cannot be neglected. The main painting process includes primer, primer sanding, topcoat spraying, topcoat sanding, logo bonding, topcoat, water sanding, polishing and quality control. It takes one to two months to complete this delay. After the wooden pearl box is made and shaped, it also needs to be decorated. Therefore, the inside of the box must be filled with high-end velvet cloth, and then thoroughly cleaned to remove impurities, dust, residual wood chips, etc., and then undergo quality inspection, packaging, and quality inspection before shipment.