Jewelry box suppliers teach you how to classify jewelry boxes

The living conditions of contemporary people are increasing day by day, and they have begun to pay attention to accessories and jewelry. Every woman who loves beauty will have a batch of precious jewelry that she can’t put down. Wearing suitable jewelry is like an inaccessible part of a woman’s body, no matter from the outside. It will also greatly enhance the beauty index and self-confidence of women. And a beautiful jewelry box can not only make the babies of beauty-loving women find a beautiful home, but also reflect a woman’s extraordinary aesthetics and taste, and it is also an excellent choice for urban women to carry jewelry to embellish the taste of life. At this time, the jewelry box used by the jewelry box electromagnet is needed. So what are the categories of jewelry boxes, let’s take a look.

Jewelry box suppliers teach you how to classify jewelry boxes

Types of jewelry boxes used by jewelry box electromagnets:
An overview of the jewelry box
Common colors of jewelry boxes
Usually according to the color of the accessories to match. Gold jewelry, usually with a wine red or gold jewelry box, or other warm colors. Platinum jewelry, with cool color jewelry box.
What are the types of jewelry boxes used in jewelry box electromagnets?

1. PU jewelry box

generally combined with fashionable design elements, it is filled with a strong modern flavor in the taste of the times. Generally divided into crocodile leather jewelry box, plain leather jewelry box, pearl leather jewelry box. Such as large S crocodile pattern leather jewelry box, Pandora plain leather jewelry box and double ear pearl leather jewelry box are more representative.

2. Leather jewelry box

Leather is generally made of cowhide, and now there are some more personalized materials, such as horse skin. Compared with PU, the jewelry box used in the leather jewelry box electromagnet is more expensive, and the relative quality is also relatively high. Box, especially some important gifts, choose the brand of genuine leather jewelry box is more popular.

3. Wooden jewelry box

Wooden jewelry box is relatively simple and elegant, suitable for women with elegant temperament.
Classification of jewelry boxes used in jewelry box electromagnets:
Generally divided into mahogany jewelry box, pine jewelry box, oak jewelry box, mahogany jewelry box, ebony jewelry box, the most characteristic is the catalpa wood products. Catalpa is walnut. Because of its slow growth, it has fine patterns and strong texture. There are also high-gloss paint jewelry boxes, hardware jewelry boxes, paper jewelry boxes, etc.