Jewelry box supplier quotation basis

As the demand for jewelry continues to grow and the jewelry market becomes increasingly competitive, there is no doubt that choosing a custom high end jewelry box is the right direction to promote the sale of your goods. When a brand party customizes a product box, the most important concern is the basis on which the jewelry box suppliers make their quotations. As a jewelry box supplier, DEQ will provide you with some guidance on quotation step by step below.

Jewelry box supplier quotation basis


Jewelry box suppliers need to know the exact size of the product box when they calculate the price of the box for their customers. This is because the size of the box determines the amount of material used for the box. The clearer the size information, the faster you will receive a quote.

Box Type

The common box types include heaven and earth lid box, drawer box, flip box, folding box, shaped box and so on. The production methods and processes are different for different box types. For box types that require manual assistance in production, the cost is higher compared to purely mechanical box types. Therefore, the box type is also one of the important factors when the jewelry packaging box supplier is accounting for the price.

Jewelry box supplier quotation basis1

Selection of materials

The selection of materials for jewelry packaging boxes is an important element that affects its price. Commonly used box materials include virgin pulp paper, cardboard, kraft paper, art paper, tactile paper, grayboard, white cardboard, corrugated and so on. In addition to the different materials that will affect the overall price of the product box, the different grams of the same material will also have an impact on the price.


Most jewelry boxes use a printing process in addition to the logo and illustration with hot stamping, UV printing, embossing, embossing and other processes. The area and number of processes used affect the overall price of the box.

Inner liners

Jewelry is a very valuable product that requires special “care” both in transit and in storage. Most jewelry boxes are designed with a lining to prevent the jewelry from scratching and moving around inside the box. Depending on the type of jewelry, the choice of material for the liner is also different. The material of the lining is also one of the important elements that directly affect the price of jewelry boxes.

Jewelry box supplier quotation basis2


As we all know well, the more the quantity of customization, the more affordable the price. In addition to the fact that the higher the quantity, the more the packaging box supplier can make a profit for the customer, there is another very important reason. In addition to the cost of materials and labor costs of workers, such as the start-up cost, the mold opening fee for the box liner, and the labor costs of salesmen and purchasing personnel are all fixed during the production of packaging boxes. The more the number of customization, the cheaper the unit price of the box will be after these costs are evenly spread to the box.

When customizing jewelry boxes, brands will cooperate with professional jewelry box suppliers. In order to make the quotation from packaging box manufacturers more accurate, you need to confirm the size, box type, material, process, lining, quantity and other information before customizing the boxes.