Jewelry Box Packaging Custom Guide

For most people, the jewelry box they choose is based solely on aesthetics, but that’s not always the right choice. There are also certain things you need to consider when buying a jewelry box, if you are interested in learning more then this article is the one you need to read as it contains everything you need to know before buying a jewelry box, you can even add this article Consider it a guide to buying jewelry boxes.

Jewelry Box Packaging Custom Guide

The material of the jewelry box

Most people are aware of wooden jewelry boxes, but they are just one of the options available. Wooden boxes for storing jewelry can be made very small or very large. It usually comes with lined compartments that can be used to store different kinds of jewelry and accessories, such boxes can have additional accessories like mirrors and locks inside, wooden boxes are usually made of oak or mahogany, but There are other options too.

Cloth is another option, these boxes are much smaller and have been gaining popularity lately for their good looks, decorative beading and embroidery can be used to create a one-of-a-kind piece that looks like a real fashion accessories.

Jewelry Box Type

In addition to being made of different materials, jewelry boxes can also be of several types. The standard jewelry box has a lid and multiple internal compartments. It may also have additional trays and drawers.

There are several other box types to choose from, some of which have highly specified uses, such as travel boxes, children’s boxes, ring boxes, jewelry rolls (fabric bags) are all very good.

Jewelry Box Packaging Custom Guide1

jewelry box design

Once the material and type of jewelry box has been chosen, design considerations need to be made. The number and size of the compartments are the most important, this characteristic of jewelry packaging should be chosen according to the size of the jewelry collection you have, at least there should be a separate area for each jewelry.

Design should be chosen based on aesthetics and practice, for example, should this box be designed with a lock? Should there be engraving on the lid of the box? You should answer all of these questions you mentioned above before considering use in different projects .

At the end of the day, you also need to consider the price area you feel is right. Some jewelry boxes are very cheap, while handmade items made from fine materials are very expensive. You must make a budget in advance and reduce your pre-purchase choices.

Jewelry Box Packaging Custom Guide2