Is a jewelry box necessary?Is the jewelry box anti-oxidation?

is a jewelry box necessary?

Convenient storage
Jewelry is indispensable for delicate girls. When jewelry is thrown around, it is easy to find it. It is said that I have lost several pieces of jewelry. It is still necessary to give jewelry a home.
Don’t buy small jewelry boxes, because jewelry will only be more and more, and if it is small, it will not fit.

Is the jewelry box anti-oxidation?

The answer is that most of them can’t, but wolf’s jewelry box is said to have an anti-oxidation patent.
In fact, you can choose to use a dust-proof sealing bag to prevent oxidation, and put the jewelry that is afraid of oxidation in a dust-proof bag and seal it, so that it does not come into contact with the air, and the basic problem is solved.

Is a jewelry box necessary?Is the jewelry box anti-oxidation?

Jewelry Box Material

1, wood
There are walnut, rosewood, pine, rubber wood, paulownia, etc. The more high-end red sandalwood, the price will be higher.

2, leather,
Leather jewelry boxes are generally made of cowhide, which is relatively high-grade, the quality will be better, and the price will be slightly more expensive accordingly.

3, plastic or acrylic
This kind of material is relatively cheap, and the jewelry boxes are transparent, which can be installed more suitable for some accessories and the like.

4, crystal glass
This kind is good-looking but not practical, and the appearance is more beautiful. It is more suitable to be placed at home as a decoration, or to put some small accessories that you can use with you, but you must put it away, it is fragile.