How to innovate jewelry packaging design

why Most of the jewelry boxes is not practical

it meets people’s spiritual aesthetic needs, so if the
Jewelry box design can be novel enough, it can meet people’s needs for beauty. So how to better make jewelry packaging design more innovative?

  1. Consider product features

The packaging box of the jewelry placed by the user has its own characteristics in terms of structure, materials and decoration methods. The design should meet the general rules of design and packaging and take into account the special requirements of jewelry products. Many jewels have their own characteristics, such as scratches on the surface of pearls, and oxidation of precious metals. Therefore, before making innovative design, we should first consider how to store, protect and transport it.

  1. Shape the overall image of its brand

In order to achieve innovation on the basis of considering the basic needs of jewelry packaging box design can be considered to shape the overall image of its brand. In the jewelry industry, once a brand has established a good image, it will bring consumers a sense of trust and popularity. The packaging box is an important way to show the brand. In the design, text, graphics and logos can be used to display different means for different jewelry, so as to strengthen customers’ memory of the brand through the packaging box.

  1. Clear positioning

Different jewelry packaging way, structure, material and form, and these different market, such as for the high-end and low-end and will further distinguish materials during design, structure, etc., so to be clear when the design positioning, determine the jewelry which is facing in the market, how has the characteristics such as the jewelry itself, according to the shape, style, size, Connotation and other factors, the design can fully reflect its characteristics of the packaging box.

  1. Certainly do jewelry packaging design to achieve innovation and popular, but also fully understand the dynamics of the market and position, derives from the investigation of information fresh idea, to design a reasonable positioning, avoid caused by the pursuit of personal preferences although new designed products, but can’t satisfy the public’s aesthetic.