How to clean the velvet pouch

In our daily life have a lot of velveteen pouches wholesale:

we will find that people around us are using a variety of packaging products. For example: there are hand-held carrying boxes, wooden, leather packaging products and so on. Packaging products of different materials have their own unique characteristics. For velvet. It is more widely used in the packaging of precious commodities, mobile phones, gold jewelry and other electronic products and gifts. Compared with other packaging products, velvet packaging products belong to the packaging products made of cloth, which are relatively soft in texture, but have some fluff. Because of this, there are many problems in daily cleaning. So how should the velvet pouch be cleaned?

How to clean the velvet pouch

First of all, we must first understand that the material of the velvet pouch is probably nylon bottom velveteen, knitted bottom velveteen, cotton bottom, velveteen, double-sided velvet, plush and so on. The above mentioned are the more common velvet pouch materials in our daily life. Because there is a lot of fluff on the surface of the packaging material, it is very difficult to clean it during the cleaning process. In daily life, it can be directly washed by hand with water, professional detergent or soap can be used. In the cleaning process, it should be noted that warm water can be used when the temperature of the water cannot be too high, and the washing process should not exceed 15 minutes, and it should be rinsed repeatedly after the final washing. Secondly, because to maintain the bright color of the velvet surface, you can add a few drops of acetic acid to the water, and then soak the clothes for about 10 minutes to dry. Finally, if there are some miscellaneous hairs on the velvet surface after cleaning, you can directly use a special hair remover to clean it directly on the velvet surface, so that the entire cleaning process of the velvet surface is over.

How to clean the velvet pouch1

The above are some measures on how to clean the velvet pouch. There are many situations in which we use the velvet fabric material in our daily life. Therefore, the issues discussed are more practical. I hope these suggestions can inspire everyone to clean the daily necessities of the velvet surface material.