How to choose materials for high-end watch packaging boxes

Today, we’re talking about watch boxes. If you’re a fairly casual watch wearer, you probably don’t put much thought into storing or protecting your watch. The thing is, but when we pay a premium for a high-end watch, it really makes sense to try and take care of it. In many cases, the watches we buy come with a case by default, but they are usually somewhat impractical or not made of high-quality materials.

what materials are generally used for high-end watch boxes?

Wooden packaging box is one of the most common packaging boxes, with a very classic style and a simple and heavy texture. Wooden packaging boxes are usually polished countless times from the beginning to the finished product, and patterns, logos, etc. can be directly engraved in the material supplier, which is extremely malleable.

artificial leather:
The watch box can also be made of artificial leather. It is mainly divided into three categories: PVC artificial leather, PU artificial leather and PU synthetic leather. It is one of the most popular materials now. Artificial leather can also add bronzing, printing, embossing and other processes according to demand. Artificial leather has good light resistance and aging resistance, and is widely used in various high-end packaging boxes.

How to choose materials for high-end watch packaging boxes

The above two material watch boxes can be designed with glass windows on the top, so that consumers can see the products inside at a glance. This watch packaging is ideal, when not in use, they can protect your watch well, and of course, if you get bored, they can also be used as other accessories packaging, such as brooches, cufflinks, etc., he can even Makes a cool decoration. As you can see, watch cases can actually be used for many purposes! In short, it is much better than ordinary watch case to store your watch. The only disadvantage is that they are only suitable for placing at home, not suitable for carrying around.
Although the material craftsmanship of wood and artificial leather will not be cheap, they want to give people a high-end, luxurious feel. The packaging box not only prevents the watch from scratches and scratches, but also protects your watch from dust and moisture. The influence of air, humidity, bugs and other factors, so it is necessary to choose a high-end packaging box.