How jewelry packaging has its own brand characteristics

How to have the characteristics of your own brand when designing jewelry packaging, and what should you pay attention to when in-depth design? To understand these two problems, we must first understand the role of packaging.

How jewelry packaging has its own brand characteristics
  1. Protection of goods: the most basic and most important function of packaging, such as jewelry boxes, bags, etc.
  2. Promote sales: As customers become more rational, it is easier to win the attention and trust of customers with beautiful packaging.
  3. Increase profit: The packaging with exquisite appearance can increase the value of the product and increase the profit margin.
  4. Advertising: The printed matter on the package invisibly promotes the brand and product.

Back to the question at the beginning, as a high-end product, jewelry is often gifted or collected, so jewelry packaging
role is more important. For jewelry packaging, it is the basic purpose to be able to express the nobility, elegance and artistry of the goods.
A few more things to note:
The packaging must be distinctive: a little company is ingenious, and the jewelry box is designed to represent the company’s shape, which is both beautiful and diverse, and outstanding
The image of the company is enhanced, and the sale of these jewelry boxes together with the jewelry enhances the product features.
The selection of packaging materials should be exquisite, and the workmanship should be fine: as a jewelry packaging box, it should be soft, durable and firm, and appropriate packaging materials should be selected according to the design.
The style of packaging must change, people’s consumption concept is constantly changing, and the packaging cannot be static, it must meet the changes of consumers’ needs
It is best to use the packaging for multiple purposes.