Gift Box Packaging Design Ideas, Jewelry Packaging Box Design

Gift Box Packaging Design Ideas, Jewelry Packaging Box Desig

With the gradual improvement of people’s economic level, the grade of gifts is also gradually improved during the festivals. In the 1980s, when people visited relatives, they basically used their own bamboo baskets or baskets made of pc materials and black ones. Bags, etc., instead of the carrier used to visit relatives, are gift boxes in today’s terms. With the improvement of the country’s economic level, especially in the 1990s, which was a major boom in the country’s economic development, people’s living standards have gradually improved, so that they are now used as gift boxes for relatives.

Gift Box Packaging Design Ideas, Jewelry Packaging Box Design

The benefits of gift box packaging design are multi-faceted, just like people rely on clothes, beauty depends on bright makeup. The same is true for various products, in addition to good quality, it also needs to have suitable and tasteful exquisite packaging, especially In the era of brands, in addition to the role of storage, preservation and moisture-proof, gift boxes and outer packaging are more beautiful to enhance brand awareness and added value. It is conceivable that in today’s commodity economy era, when final consumers choose products, in addition to Pay attention to the product, and also pay attention to the outer packaging of the product.

Therefore, the bamboo baskets used to walk around the streets in the past were also products of that era. When the living standard was not improved or guaranteed, it was difficult for people to have a certain understanding and understanding of the brand. Here, Guangzhou Packaging Design Company will talk about the general classification of gift boxes, so that everyone can have a general clear understanding of gift boxes. Gift boxes are divided into paper gift boxes, wooden gift boxes, plastic gift boxes, aluminum gift boxes, tinplate gift boxes, etc., according to the material. Gift boxes are mostly used for tea packaging design, high-end seafood packaging design and local specialty packaging design.

Understand the psychological feelings brought by color
In order to know more about the color, we need to have a detailed understanding of the color space. Colors in nature are composed of two categories: achromatic and chromatic. Black, white and various shades of gray are called achromatic, and all other colors except achromatic are classified as chromatic.

Gift Box Packaging Design Ideas, Jewelry Packaging Box Design1

The cold and warm feeling of color is a kind of mental feeling that color gives people. When everyone touches the color, a feeling of cold and warm will naturally occur.

According to the different color temperature, colors can be divided into warm colors and cool colors, among which warm colors refer to red, yellow, orange and other series of colors, which can give people a warm feeling; cool colors refer to blue, green, purple and other series of colors. , giving people a feeling of severe cold.

  1. Warm colors

Warm colors are exciting colors that can make people feel high, and are generally considered to be colors that can improve blood pressure and heart rate, and affect the nervous system. From the function of the color itself, red, orange, and yellow can make people feel warm. Among them, red is the most exciting, and it is also the most enthusiastic and warm color.

  1. Cool colors

Compared with warm colors, the cool color system has the function of suppressing the excitement of the mind, and can produce images such as depression, coldness, and silence. Among them, blue is the most cool and calming, and other cool colors with lower brightness and purity also have the effect of making people feel depressed and calm.

  1. Neutral colors

The surface mainly composed of three non-colorful colors is called neutral color because it can neither give people a sense of warmth nor coldness.

Understand the psychological feelings brought by color
Carefully conceived packaging design with different visual effects
In general, brand vision still has the characteristics of positioning. The packaging design of the brand has been seriously considered in terms of visual creativity. There are still obvious differences. With the maturity of modern culture, packaging design is very important for products. A carrier of information dissemination, a characteristic packaging design must be seriously considered both in terms of vision and creativity. The packaging design of products gives better creativity and has a certain sense of soul in visual expression, and creativity should be based on design. To carry out the expression of the method, the image conveyed in the mature packaging design comes from the concept of design creativity, and the perfect expression in the comprehensive packaging design needs to be carefully conceived, and such packaging design will be displayed. ideal vision.

Gift Box Packaging Design Ideas, Jewelry Packaging Box Design2

Carefully conceived packaging design with different visual effects

Today, about the design concept of gift box packaging, the relevant information of jewelry boxes design will be introduced here. Do you have any gains after reading it? For more information about brand planning, please pay attention to the ingenuity culture.