Eco-friendly jewelry box enhances brand value

In this era, environmental issues have become the top priority in our lives. When shopping, no matter the environmental protection of the product or its jewelry box is very important. More than half of the world’s users are now more willing to buy products from companies with strong environmental awareness. Therefore, many jewelry brands will form positive brand values ​​through “public welfare marketing”.

Eco-friendly jewelry box enhances brand value

Many luxury jewelry companies have been using eco-friendly packaging for many years. Just like the international luxury jewelry brand Cartier (Cartier), all its packaging boxes are made of environmentally friendly paper certified by FSC. FSC is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting socially responsible forest management worldwide. FSC certified paper usually uses raw wood pulp as the raw material for papermaking, and its paper is also traceable. Each FSC paper can be traced back to which forest farm the raw material came from. Using FSC certified paper is just a cost-effective switch for a luxury brand like Cartier. For many loyal users of Cartier, this is the protection of the earth’s environment, and it is also a manifestation of being responsible for human beings.

Eco-friendly jewelry box enhances brand value1

Not only Cartier, but many other jewelry brands are gradually removing the plastic materials in jewelry boxes and switching to paper materials. For example, a long time ago, in order to show the high-end and sturdiness of the jewelry box, plastic was used as the material of the box embryo to enhance the overall sturdiness of the high-end packaging box, and then pasted with flannelette to improve the aesthetics and durability of the packaging box. Upscale. Nowadays, as enterprises and consumers become more and more aware of environmental protection, many companies have also replaced plastic blanks with gray board box blanks. While improving the company’s environmental protection values, it will not reduce the protective function of the packaging box. Secondly, its outer mounting materials are becoming more and more diversified. In addition to flocking materials, various paper materials can also be selected, such as: art paper, leather-filled paper, virgin pulp paper, kraft paper and so on. Leather-filled paper is chosen for the outer mounting paper of jewelry boxes like Cartier and Hermès.

Eco-friendly jewelry box enhances brand value2

Today, the post-90s and post-00s who are environmentally conscious have put environmental protection as the top priority. Luxury jewelry brands should take the lead and call on other brands to use environmentally friendly luxury packaging boxes to enhance brand value. Over time, cardboard packaging has become even cheaper than plastic, and it’s also better recycled. So environmentally friendly jewelry packaging boxes are the best trend in packaging design today.