Common Packaging Types for Jewelry

Whether it is for gift giving or for product sales, perfect jewelry packaging is very important. For the brand side, the packaging represents the image of the brand, although the packaging styles and styles customized by different brands will be different. However, the types of jewelry packaging are much the same. The following are the types of jewelry commonly used by jewelry brands:

jewelry box

Jewelry boxes are one of the most popular types of packaging. Jewelry boxes come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors, which makes it easier for brands to customize packaging boxes that meet brand value. The common styles of jewelry boxes on the market include sky cover style and clamshell style, and common packaging materials include paper, leather, cloth and so on. Jewelry can also be better protected by custom lining.

Common Packaging Types for Jewelry

jewelry bag

Jewelry tote bags are standard in almost every jewelry store. Due to the lack of protection of the jewelry bag, it is generally not used directly for jewelry packaging, but is used as a shopping bag. If the main performance of the jewelry box is to protect the product and increase the value of the product, then the jewelry bag can be said to be an “advertising wall” of the brand. Jewelry handbags are not only aimed at customers themselves, but also pedestrians coming and going on the street. If your jewelry tote is eye-catching enough, potential shoppers on the street will be more willing to learn about your brand.

Common Packaging Types for Jewelry1

jewelry drawstring bag

Common jewelry drawstring bags are made of soft fabrics such as flannelette and cotton. The soft material can be directly used to pack jewelry, which can not only protect the safety of jewelry, but also play a cleaning role. However, most jewelry brands do not directly use drawstring bags to package jewelry, but give drawstring bags as gifts to customers who purchase products.

The brand side can choose different types of jewelry packaging according to the actual situation of the product. Jewelry is a valuable item. In order to protect its safety, it can also choose to use different product packaging types in combination.

Common Packaging Types for Jewelry2