Carton packaging overview

One,Basic explanation about packaging

  1. The historical origin of carton packaging

In 1885, British businessman William. In order to maintain the reputation of their products, Leaver first introduced paper packaging soap with trademarks

Characteristics of carton packaging

(1) Excellent protection performance

(2) Low price and low cost

(3) Easy to process: suitable for all kinds of printing methods

(4) Easy to store and transport

(5) Environmental protection, recycling and reuse

Carton packaging overview

Two, the structure of the carton modeling

  1. Bottom structure of carton

Box bottom structure is the foundation of the carton structure, is the carton load, compression, shock, drop and other factors in the most influential parts

  1. The modeling structure of the carton

Structural design of folding carton

Folding carton has the advantages of high efficiency, easy to sell and carry, for appreciation, low production cost, and can be folded and stacked before use to save packaging storage and transportation costs, so it is widely used in packaging.

  1. Tip: Folding cartons generally do not use adhesives, but use the method of cardboard tether and lock, so that the carton forming and sealing.

Adhesive paper box structure design

Paste paper box, also known as cardboard box, it has better strength and beautiful appearance than ordinary folding box, giving a sense of high-grade precious, often used for high-grade goods and gifts packaging.

Shake cover box

The carton of this structure refers to the folding carton with the lid body and the box body together, one side of the lid body is fixed and the other side is shaken open.

Because of its simple structure and convenient opening, this structure is often used in carton packaging design.

Open the window

Open window carton is in the box can be displayed on the surface of the window, forming a transparent state, can make consumers see part or all of the goods inside.


Display carton also known as “POP” packaging box, for advertising display, but also fully show the shape of the packaging.

The form of display packaging can be divided into two categories: one is without cover, can be stored in the open air; One is with a cover, the cover can be opened for sale, and the cover can be closed for transportation.

Affirmative type

The biggest characteristic of portable packaging box is easy to carry, also become portable packaging box. This model structure is equipped with handles on the box body.

The handle part may be attached or interlocked by extension of the cover and side.


This kind of paste carton is fully enclosed, which has very good function in anti-theft and convenient use. The closed carton mainly adopts the form of tearing open along the opening line or inserting the straw into the hole and so on. It is mainly used for one-time packaging of drinks and so on.

Draw-out type

Drawer type is also called pull type. Because the form is double layer structure and pull form, it has the characteristics of firm, thick and easy to use.


Combined packaging box refers to the matching packaging of several related products together, or a number of the same product packaging together of multiple pieces of combined packaging.

Special-shaped box

Unique creative, unconstrained inspiration

Most designers do not understand the way and technology of the box, so some designers only consider how to be more creative and beautiful when designing, and do not consider whether it is easy to achieve later. And after the design needs to be made when it is painful, ask the packaging box manufacturers will be covered. Therefore, the design of this type must do a good job in advance communication including the company’s cost budget and printing can do!

  1. Basis of carton modeling design

(1) Design according to the nature of different commodities.

(2) Design according to different forms of goods.

(3) Design according to the use of different goods.

(4) Design according to different transportation conditions of goods

(5) Design according to the structural design requirements of the carton

Follow the rules

(1) It is convenient

(2) Protective

(3) It is changeable

(4) Scientific and reasonable

Carton packaging overview1

Three. Design process

  1. Knife version (Beer version)

The shape of the final box

  1. Plane expansion

According to the shape of knife plate, design each layout.

  1. Three-dimensional renderings

Use the PS movement tool, pieced into effect, add reflections and other effects. This is for the client. Pay attention to detail.

  1. The printed version

On the basis of plane expansion, add bleeding, make cutting lines, check is redundant lines, etc. After the text is bent, it can be sent to the output center.

Carton packaging overview2