Basic concept of jewelry packaging box design

All kinds of box design

Each designer will have a basic framework and conceptual foundation before designing a prime Box, just as building a house requires blueprints and foundation wor

Artistic concept:
Exquisite jewelry boxes on the appearance and feel, has a strong artistic quality, jewelry itself is beautiful, want a perfect show the use value of jewelry and beautiful appearance, can be presented by jewelry packaging, jewelry packaging art effect can be finished with printing technology, such as more common on the market of hot stamping, embossing is a better choice.

Basic concept of jewelry packaging box design

Promotion concept:
Jewelry packaging box design can reasonably promote the first jewelry sales, unique and exquisite, special appearance jewelry box often become a way to attract consumers, jewelry packaging box has naturally become a silent salesman, this is why many businesses will choose to work hard on the packaging.

Basic concept of jewelry packaging box design1

Production concept:
For a lot of boxes of sell like hot cakes on the market, has led to many businesses demand for packing is very big, should not only consider the fine jewelry box, consider the timeliness of jewelry box production, so in the design of packing box, designers can also according to the features of commodity, commodity use value and the matched consumers and save production timely to consider a design of jewelry box.

Basic concept of jewelry packaging box design2