According to different requirements, how to design jewelry box customization

In the contemporary society with increasingly fierce competition and new media communication, jewelry packaging has changed from a standard and simple boxy box to one of store marketing methods and brand promotion methods. Jewelry packaging customization can be an add-on experience to shopping and will be one of the ways to open up sales in a highly competitive market. However, different brands have different design requirements for jewelry packaging. According to different requirements, how to design jewelry box customization?

According to different requirements, how to design jewelry box customization

Focus on jewelry boxes commodity demands

  1. Intuitive expression: The design is formulated to obtain a competitive advantage. It is necessary to first examine the advantages and disadvantages of the product itself. When designing, it is only necessary to grasp the beauty of the product itself and obtain the best visual effect. In the design of jewelry packaging boxes, window openings, hollowing out, etc. can be used, or realistic photography can be used to directly display the product image.
  2. Update: “Love the new and hate the old” is a common psychological feature of people, and the design of jewelry packaging boxes must change with the times in order to meet the ever-changing market demands.

Centered on jewelry packaging Cultural Appeals

  1. Highlight regional characteristics: Many brands have their own special products, which reflect the brand’s culture or are designed with regional culture. When customizing the jewelry box, it can use recognizable cultural graphics, words, colors, materials and other elements to emphasize the design characteristics of jewelry and improve the awareness in sales.
  2. Highlight traditional culture: Jewelry with a long history and culture can fully tap its unique cultural connotation, extract the inner concept, and then convert it into specific visual images, colors, characters, shapes, and show the jewelry in the form of packaging The unique quality of jewelry.
  3. Fit with fashion: the application of popular elements in the design of jewelry packaging boxes can be visually presented, such as through popular images, fonts, colors, layout, structure, material technology, etc. A popular concept or discourse behavior is integrated into the jewelry packaging box in a special form.
According to different requirements, how to design jewelry box customization1


  1. Humanization: In the process of packaging design, according to people’s physiological characteristics, behavior habits, emotional thinking, etc., design optimization should be considered to facilitate consumers to carry, open, collect and wear jewelry.
  2. Interesting: Interesting is that according to the different design characteristics of jewelry, different forms are used for design customization on the jewelry packaging box, or a graphic expression and a modeling structure.

Focus on design elements

  1. Stylized shape: The reasonable jewelry packaging box shape design brings convenience to people, and displays the jewelry design with personality and beauty, which is addictive.
  2. Color stylization: The strong expressive power of color itself can most cause people’s emotional and psychological changes. Using the appeal of color to improve the recognition of jewelry packaging boxes has become a common way of customizing jewelry boxes.
According to different requirements, how to design jewelry box customization2